Who we are

World Green Travel and Tours is a tour provider based in the area of Punta Cana focused on executing excursions on behalf of major Tour Operators and Travel Agencies with operations in our country. We operate a wide variety of excursions  nationwide, from Puerto Plata, Samana, Santo Domingo, and Punta Cana where our company has its HQ.

We are the product of 25 years of experience in the tourism industry from our parent company: CultourAll, which as a result of this extensive career it’s now a diversified group of businesses in the industry, ranging from our flotilla of safari trucks and boats to our hotel and restaurants in Samana.

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What we offer

We have excelled creating fascinating experiences because of the resources we offer our clients

Exclusive and Unique Activities

Authenticity is what drives our activities, offering different itineraries and unique places, we manage to provide our clients with experiences that'll last for a lifetime of memories

Flotilla of boats and safari trucks

Four (4) passenger boats with capacity of 40+ PAX
Five (5) safari trucks with capacity of 30+ PAX

Professional Guides

We have at our disposal an array of multilingual guides trained to provide the most relevant and verified informations along exceptionals experiences

Nationwide hotel access

Access and connection to hotels and resorts nationwide, primarily for arrangements and management of clients pick-ups and drop-off​

Some of our clients

Discover our activities and plan your next holidays​ accordingly